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Valia - Personal & Spiritual Development Coach


My Speciality and passion is leading individuals towards achieving their higher spiritual & personal gifts and talents. I come from a Corporate Sales,Management & Marketing background, and I have travelled extensively affording me the opportunity to interact with different cultures. I believe this is what has shaped my sensitivity to peoples needs, feelings, emotions and Self Development. My own journey of Self-discovery began more that a decade ago and I love sharing and guiding others on their own personal journey. As an Ozone Therapist & Practitioner ( member of the Ozone Association SA) I have assisted many clients with their body-mind wellness treating each client to suit their special & unique physical, emotional, mental & spiritual needs. I facilitate Intuitive Hour Meditations & Angels & Beyond Classes and workshops. In addition I am also Licensed & Certified (Heal Your Life ) Teacher and Coach. I facilitate Transformational Workshops Based On the Philosophy of Louise Hay. I am passionate, dedicated and committed to making a difference in my life and that of others. I continue to learn, teach, grow, discover and be discovered. Life is a beautiful journey not to be travelled alone but to be traveled by all !

Radiant Hearts Earthly Vision

Radiant Hearts Earthly Vision is to support individuals with their own shift of awareness or awakening, thereby bringing Harmonyand Balance to all aspects of self, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.

Only when all aspects of ourselves are aligned for our Greatest and Highest good can we Really Exist and Live our Divine Path by serving ourselves and others. .

Change is about becoming Enlightened, in other words become lighter in all aspects of Self and transmuting our inner toxins into our medicine. (Reference Dr Wayne Dyer) .

Radiant Hearts lives with a sense of joy and purpose serving Humanity through a variety of skills, I invite you to experience your endeavours for your benefit and that of others. .

As we Liberate ourselves from pain, anger, fear, resentment and toxic emotions we enable others to Liberate themselves to shine and share their Light upon our Earth.



Life Coaching

Radiant Hearts provides tools and skills which assist the Awakening and Awareness of one’s Self & Life Purpose for expansion of ones’ Personal and Professional life.

Heal Your Life

The Louise Hay Philosophy is built upon the foundation that every person has access to the ability to heal their lives, body and circumstances. The body can return to its natural state of good health and we can have good and healthy relationships, and we can create a prosperous life.


My spiritual awakening started when I was 9 years old. My Passion is to guide others to find their OWN Spiritual connection and bring forth their Unique Divine Gifts and Talents.


You have the power to change your Life and your Health! “The Greatest Wealth is Health” – Radiant Hearts Supports a Holistic approach to Health with various modalities to support the Physical body and bring it back to its natural balance and rhythm.

Youth Support

The Youth Club offers a safe space for our young hearts and minds to come together. Connecting them to their true selves using their own amazing insightful intuition and inner knowing. Radiant Hearts offers Group & Individual Guidance for the youth.



Intuitive Hour takes place every 2nd Tuesday and alternates with Spiritual Development Classes. A space in time filled with Magnificent Radiant & Magical beings! Share your Magic and Allow your Natural & Innate Gifts to come forth and Shine Within and Around you! Find your Gold Within and Let it Gift you with Messages Enabaling You to Walk your Divine Path in your True Authentic Self! Connect with Like Minded People and Freely Share Your Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions, Ideas and Wisdom! Kindly confirm your attendance with me Valia via Whatsapp. Allow your Natural Gifts and Talents to shine and Glow ! Donation R60 per person.


Discover How your Shadow can serve you and Set You FREE. A Delightful 3 hour workshop. Discover- Release - Evolve. Another Opportunity Guiding You and Supporting You through your very own Blessed Divine Life Journey :)


Originally created by best-selling author Louise L Hay (You Can Heal Your Life) You can discover what has been limiting your success in relationships, work, spiritual growth , money and much more. Learn to identify and let go of negative beliefs. Release emotions in a safe, warm and caring environment. Learn how you can live a life of abundance in all areas of life. The workshop is an intensive experience and can act as a Catalyst to bring about positive and effective change to your life. You are the only person who can change your life


A Day Filled with FUN Learning Activities & Tools This Full Day FUN Filled Playshop Plus 3 Private Coaching sessions as support for your child moving forward with Ease. Because Awareness is the key to changing oneself, this program offers teens a unique opportunity to Discover who they are, uncover limiting beliefs and their impact, all while gaining the confidence to live life with purpose & fulfilment.


What is Radiant Hearts Youth Club all about and How Can it Serve our Children? Being a Mother myself of Twin Teen girls, I became intimately aware of the challenges our Youth are faced with in these times. Their world just like our world back then, is filled with overwhelmed feelings, emotions, personal disharmony, confusion, lack of self-esteem/love, unbalanced relationships, hormonal changes, spiritual curiosity and so much more. And so the journey begins… The Radiant Hearts Youth Club creates a safe space for our young hearts and minds to come together and freely express, share their thoughts, ideas, challenges, knowledge and Spirituality. Connecting them to their true selves using their own amazing insightful intuition and inner knowing. Receive messages, answers and confirmations via Divine Intervention enabling them to share their gifts, talents, magic, love and light.


Radiant Hearts continues to Support you and Guide you through your journey with another “Me Myself & I” Full Day Blissful Workshop. This is a great opportunity for all who wish to learn, grow and explore their own Spiritual Uniqueness through the Journey of Me Myself & I !This workshop is about your awakening and perception of Your Whole Being.Reaching your full potential as a Holistic Being: BODY - MIND - SPIRIT. No aspect can be separated as We are meant to function as a WHOLE and not just a part. “Me Myself & I” - Physical-Emotional-Spiritual - Aspects of US!

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