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Heal Your Life

Valia Zachariou is simply “radiant at heart”, anyone that meets her finds a trustworthy confidant in her, she is someone that sincerely values each person she meets, always showing up with a kind, loving and authentic presence. It is incredible to witness that expression of Spirituality Valia has created in this world, and how she guides her clients from that core of light. Her gentleness, sensitivity, passion, creativity and divine gifts are evidence that she is living her truth.

- Ashika Singh

Intuitive Hour

If you have an affinity or even a curiosity towards the spiritual, please do get into contact with Valia Zachariou. Valia has played a pivotal role in my life by helping me to understand myself, my life and how we are the masters of our own fate. Valia is extremely easy to get along with and possibly the most fun-loving friend you could meet. Valia hosts a weekly meditation class called "Intuitive Hour" on Tuesdays at 6:00PM at the Live the Love centre in Blairgowrie, Randburg. Do pop in and find your inner peace, if only for moment...

- Shahil Sukuram

Intuitive hour is an non-judgmental safe place where anyone can share their stories and their journeys. It starts out with a grounding and protection meditation. The group then goes on to talk about or share anything that is on their minds. These talks are sometimes light-hearted or a bit more heavy

In our busy lives, we often don't take the time out to focus on our mental and emotional health. I am the youngest member in the intuitive hour group and being a student, I'm constantly thinking about the next test or assignment that is due. Your teenage years are an emotional rollercoaster. One day you may be on top of the world, but the next it feels like it's going to end.

At first I struggled to grasp the issues that were spoken about during intuitive hour but I am truly thankful that I have started this journey. I have learnt how to connect with people, of all ages, on a deeper level. I have also learned how to center and ease my mind of stress.

My favorite part about intuitive hour is choosing cards. I have truly connected with all the messages and signs I have received through these cards and once I started applying the guidance of these messages to my life, I realized that I'm not alone in the struggles I may be facing in my life.

It has taught me to turn to the universe for guidance and I was made aware that if you truly believe in something, the universe will provide it for you. At first, this concept seemed bizarre to me, but I began to try this out and I did receive. I received peace of mind, thoughtfulness and awareness. This may not seem like all that much, but this understanding has helped me believe in myself and believe that everything that comes to me in my life is to help me better myself as a person.

I am thankful that I have found this awareness and understanding at such a young age. I cannot tell you what your experience will be, but I can be sure that it will serve you in more ways than you can begin to imagine.

- Aishwarya (19yr)

Me, Myself & I Workshop

What worked for you at this workshop?

I was fortunate to be on the workshop alone.. this worked for me. Not sure how i would have coped with others

The space allowed me to freely respond to the work Valia's intuition enabled her to work well with me and all those who communicate with her to make the feedback more about my situation..

Looking forward to more interaction with Valia on Me , Myself and I

What do you leave behind after this workshop?
Some of my fears
My belief that i am not good enough
my doubts about my ability as a BSR practitioner

What do you take forward with you from this workshop?
More self trust and awareness
Tools to grow
Awareness of the fact that all that matters is Now and learning to revel in that reality
Learning to look and listen for signs

Would you like to share any comments with the facilitator?
That is was a privilege to work with her and i was comfortable through the process

- Michelle Lottering

Life Coaching

Through my Life Coaching with Valia I have managed to see tangible changes in my approach to the world, and in return the world's approach to me! Valia's life coaching is personalised and tailored to the individual, and helped me identify key areas in my life that I wanted to change. Through practical application Valia has helped me take the first step in taking ownership of my own life, and understanding my own power.

- Sam Divett

I started coaching sessions with Valia in October 2015 and continued on a weekly basis until mid December 2015.

Leading up to October, I felt like I had no options / choices in my life. I felt choked and had a ‘victim’ mentality. I was however, committed to my improvement.

During the two and a half months’ coaching with Valia, I became more proactive in my development and experiences.

Using the tools that were provided to me produced tangible results which are very encouraging and assists in a feeling of empowerment. If the tools are used, results can be seen very quickly.

The lessons and tools learnt was the beginning of my awakening and started the process of my alignment with myself.

- Anonymous

Youth Life Coaching

I first started life coaching at the beginning of this year. I was having a hard time adjusting to the transition from high school to university, making new friends and adapting to the new work load. I felt very alone and confused about if I was on the right path.

I have always struggled to be sure what I should be doing with my life. I think this is something that many young people just out of high school, struggle with. Am I on the right path? What is my purpose? Is this what I am supposed to be doing with my life? However, I have realized that you never only have one choice in life. You have an infinite number of choices and options. It is completely up to you.

I have also struggled with self-love and self acceptance. Life coaching has taught me how to connect with myself, which is something I was always scared and uncomfortable to do. I have also always pushed myself to be the best at everything I do, many times being too hard on myself. I realized that although being driven is a good quality, it is also important not to put yourself down in the process.

Life coaching is not there to give you the answers to your problems, however it will provide you with self-awareness and tools to allow to you make these decisions and be confident in them. My experience with life coaching has been enlightening. I have developed tools to help me grow as a person and deal with the choices that I am faced with. Although I still have a lot to learn about myself, I have grown immensely in my knowledge of myself this year and I am truly thankful.

- Aishwarya (19yr)


Valia Zachariou is an accomplished life coach and spiritual development coach, fusing her own intuitive talent with pragmatic exercises and soul-searching questions intended to help clients uncover truths and patterns for themselves, and make them proactive in their personal development. 

Valia's passion for her work, her honest approach, nurturing personality and contagious positivity make her an ideal coach. And she goes the extra mile by offering support and feedback outside of coaching sessions.

She also hosts an Intuitive Hour twice a month which focuses on spiritual growth in a safe, caring, circle of like-minded seekers. Some arrived after a bad day, bad week or bad year but all depart with a deep sense of peace and with the benefit of Valia's wisdom and encouragement.

- Linda Piegl

My personal, as well as my spiritual journey with Valia has been beautifully insightful,   lovingly helpful and spiritually awakening.She has been a compassionate listener, sometimes a shoulder to cry on, my strength through difficult moments, my direction when I am sometimes lost, but mostly she has made me discover my truths, my strengths and my power which resides in me.

Through her love, warmth and authentic caring nature, she allows me the courage to go search deep inside my soul for my "peace" and my " true essence." Her presence in my life has been nothing but a divine Heavenly Blessing. Thank you.

- Anonymous

Thank you for being such a wonderful person, you really are a humble beautiful soul and I feel so comfortable around you.  

- Mariska Dorfling

If you have an affinity or even a curiosity towards the spiritual, please do get into contact with Valia Zachariou. Valia has played a pivotal role in my life by helping me to understand myself, my life and how we are the masters of our own fate. Valia is extremely easy to get along with and possibly the most fun-loving friend you could meet. Valia hosts a weekly meditation class called "Intuitive Hour" on Tuesdays at 6:00PM at the Live the Love centre in Blairgowrie, Randburg. Do pop in and find your inner peace, if only for moment...

- Shahil Sukuram

Thank you so much for an amazing and insightful evening. I could feel the love and support in that room. And the absence of judgment... That was huge for me. Thank you so much.

- Monira

Thank you for being Pure Light; a Pure Channel for healing. Thank you for your divine wisdom, DIVINE UNDERSTANDING, AMAZING SUPPORT and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE during the most BEAUTY-FULL mess on MY AWESOME journey of Self. Thank you for sharing and most of all creating a space for me to experience my AUTHENTIC SELF - where I have discovered my Divine Gifts. I AM DEEPLY GRATEFUL! I continue and remain open with much, much GRATITUDE and I ask that the Divine continue to fill me up with PURE LIGHT!


- Alfreda Le Pere

Thank you kindly for inviting me in yr space. Was truly a Magical experience

- Verushka

Thank you for being a great support on the journey to finding myself. I'm a little ball of fire right now, allowing myself to dream really big dreams and just not being too scared to try and reach them. Most importantly believing that I can and I am deserving.

- Seapei Motlatsi

Teen Workshop

Great a new good memory for me. I want more of good memories. It was Fun.   It was adventurous.  It was cool, Fantastic Awesome Crazy fun, Funny, Creative  It was Rad!

- Zoe

Good - Learned to believe in myself  I trust myself more Loved writing on the Board should  /could Loved the Power Shower exercise  Lunch was fun  I am Free to be Me  Selfies were cool 

- Constanca

Ozone Therapy

Hi Valia, I went for the blood analysis, it's amazing my blood was clean and the red cells were round and big, the doctor was happy to see that, thumbs up with Ozone.

- Siphokazi

Ozone is my self care treat. A treatment leaves me feeling light and recharged. I know am investing in my body and soul at Valia's Radiant Heart as all my interaction leaves me feeling nourished and wholesome.

- Thanesh

I recommed Ozone Therapy for anyone that is looking for a good Detox. Detox on the physical mental and spiritual level. Through Ozone Therapy I was also intuduced to the Intuitive Readings of the highly Intuitve Valia. A reading that is on another level. Spot on and loving. - Theodora Englezakis

- Theodora Englezakis

Me, Myself & My Shadow

Very positive and validating experience.  Your coaching skills came out with your ability to help me explore my core being, and you ability to express insights that were meaningful and useful to me. Your workshop was designed to promote my active experimentation and self-discovery and it was gratifying when you also celebrated my capabilities.  That was great for my self-worth and trust in myself and my unique gifts.

- Monique Theunissen

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